Atlas International Engineering Consultants (AIEC) has always shown a keen interest in the environmental issues of today and tomorrow. Every year these issues change and they affect people, governments and private industry in different ways.

Over the past few years AIEC has engage and worked with a large network of environmental exports who are passionate about understanding and solving the environmental issues that face us all in the future. We have the people, equipment and experience required to partner with our clients to ensure that the environment of tomorrow is healthier than the environment of today. 
Environmental Impact Assessments and Permitting
Environmental Monitoring and Audit
Site Investigation and Remediation
Air and Noise Quality Studies
Hydrogeology and Water Resource Management
Terrestrial and Marine Ecology
Corporate and Government Advisory Service
Socioeconomic Assessment and Management
Health and Safety Impact Assessments
Quantitative Risk Assessment Studies
Coastal Processes and Management Studies
Feasibility and Planning





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